Com S 321: Introduction to Computer Architecture

and Machine-Level Programming

Department of Computer Science

Iowa State University


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Course Information

Lectures: M W F 8 to 8:50 AM, Room To be determined

Instructor and TAs - Fall 2017

Instructor: G. M. Prabhu
Office: 231 Atanasoff Hall

Office Hrs: To be determined


Teaching Assistants: To be determined

Computer Architecture Tutorial


Grading Weights

Homeworks: 20%

In-class activities: 10%

Exam 1: 20%

Exam 2: 25%

Final Exam: 25% 


Late Penalty: Homeworks are due on the posted due date. A late penalty of 25% will be applied for homeworks turned in up to 24 hours late.

Academic Honesty

Homework assignments are individual efforts, not group efforts. You are expected to complete your work on your own. You may discuss ideas about the homework problems with other students, the TAs, and the instructor, but when you turn in your homework solutions you are expected to do them on your own without help from anyone else. You should not copy verbatim any solutions posted on the internet. If you turn in the work of another student, both the person presenting the work as their own and the student tendering the information would be guilty of academic dishonesty. See the University's Academic Dishonesty Policy for details.

When in doubt, contact the TAs or the instructor for clarification.

We may call in some students selected randomly to be questioned on the submitted homeworks. If you are guilty of academic dishonesty on a homework or exam, a report will be turned in to the Dean of Students with a recommended penalty depending on the severity of the academic misconduct.


There will be three exams, all in-class.  All exams will be held in the classroom where the lectures are delivered.

All exams will be closed-book, closed-notes, unless otherwise notified. Please bring a photo ID and a calculator with you to each exam. To reschedule an exam or for special considerations, please contact the instructor at least one week prior to the exam date. 

Missed exams will not be re-offered except under extreme circumstances.