Program Analysis Group @ Iowa State

Professor: Wei Le

Our group is working on designing algorithms, building systems and tools, and exploring theoretical foundations as well as applications in the area of program analysis



          MVICFG: Analyzing software changes and versions

Students: Ashwin Josh, Stroh Leslie

[ICSE14] Patch Verification via Multiversion Interprocedural Control Flow Graphs



          Demand-driven dynamic analysis: making dynamic analysis easy and fast

Student: Hebi Li



          Callback control flow analysis for event-driven, framework based architecture such as Android systems

Student: Danilo Perez Dominguez

[MobileSoft17][ICSE17-Poster][data] Generating Predicate Callback Summaries for the Android Framework


Symbolic Analysis

          Symbolic analysis and loop analysis for bugs and performance specifications

[TSE17] Automatic Loop Summarization via Path Dependency Analysis
[FSE16] Proteus: Computing Disjunctive Loop Summary via Path Dependency Analysis (Distinguished Paper)
[ICSE16] Generating Performance Distributions via Probabilistic Symbolic Execution
[ISSTA15] S-looper: automatic summarization for multipath string loops
[MSR14] A Code Clone Oracle
[ICSE13] Segmented Symbolic Analysis
[TOSEM13] Marple: Detecting Faults in Path Segments Using Automatically Generated Analyses
[ISSTA11] Generating analyses for detecting faults in path segments
[FSE10] Path-Based Fault Correlations
[FSE08] Marple, A Demand-Driven Path-Sensitive Buffer Overflow Detector (Best FSE presentation)
[PASTE05] Refining buffer overflow detection via demand-driven path-sensitive analysis



     We thank Iowa State University, NSF, Google, DARPA and RIT for generously funding our research, and we also thank Gramma Tech, ABB for support and industrial advice.