Program Analysis Lab @ Iowa State University

We study

  • How to automatically find bugs that cause software crash, malfunction and slow
  • How to automatically debug, repair and construct software and its tests to reduce software development costs and developers' working hours
  • How to make use of all the existing code on the Internet and develop machine intelligence for software engineering
  • How to analyze, test and debug artificial intelligence systems to make sure they are safe to serve people


Current students

Ashwin Kallingal Joshy

Stroh Leslie

Marcella Anderson

Ekene Okeke



Danilo Perez Dominguez, PhD, 2019




Hydrogen: Analyzing software changes and versions

Helium: Dynamic analysis for code fragments


Lithium: Analyzing event-driven, framework based systems


Symbolic analysis for bugs and specifications



     We thank NSF, Google and DARPA for sponsoring our research, and we also thank Gramma Tech, ABB for their support and industrial advice.