COM S/CPRE 513x Foundations and Applications of Program Analysis (2018 Spring)



Instructor: Wei Le (

Meets: M W 11:00am-12:15pm Black 1026

Office Hours: Upon Request

How do we run the class: Syllabus


Important Documents: Survey Topics, Surveys



Week Topic Assignment Due
1      Overview, lecture note
2      Control flow analysis, lecture note Survey Homework 1 due in class
3      Learn to write a survey Survey Homework 2 due
4      Control flow analysis Survey Homework 3 due
5      Data flow analysis, lecture note, slides1, slides2 Assignment 1 due
6      Control and data dependencies, slice, chop, dice, lecture note, slides, slides2
7      Taint analysis, value flow analysis, source and sink problems, slides Assignment 2 due
8      Guest lecture by David Martin Research Proposal due
9 Pointer Analysis, slides1, slides2
10      Interprocedural Analysis, reference Survey Homework 4 due
11      Abstract Intepretation, lecture note, reference1, reference2, reference3     
12      Abstract Intepretation Assignment 3 due 4/4
13      Symbolic Analysis, Symbolic Execution lecture note, dart Research mid-point presentation due 4/11 in class
14      Dynamic Analysis lecture note, valgrind, Pin
15      Applications lecture note, repair, debugging, synthesis, Review lecture note
16      Final Exam Week Research Final Report and Demo, due 5/1 (Tue) 9:45-11:45 am

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Spring 2016


This course is developed under the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Award 1542117.