Wei Le  Assistant Professor CV

Computer Science, Iowa State University


I am always looking forward to working with ambitious, highly motivated and talented students. Please contact me (weile@iastate.edu) if you are interested in research and software development opportunities in our lab.

  Recent Work and News

Our MVICFG implementation (by Ashwin Joshy) of the Hydrogen project is released in github.

Our TSE'19 paper has been selected for ASE journal-first presentations. See you in San Diego in November!

Danilo Dominguez has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis: The construction and applications of callback control flow graphs for event-driven framework-based mobile apps. Congratulations, Dr. Danilo Dominguez!

  Research Interests


My research areas are software engineering and program analysis. I work with Program Analysis Lab at Iowa State University on the topics of automating software engineering tasks of bug detection, testing, debugging and repair as well as big code analysis and safe AI.

   Selected Research Papers  

    [TSE19] Specifying Callback Control Flow of Mobile Apps Using Finite Automata
    [TSE17] Automatic Loop Summarization via Path Dependency Analysis
    [FSE16] Proteus: Computing Disjunctive Loop Summary via Path Dependency Analysis (Distinguished Paper)
    [ICSE16] Generating Performance Distributions via Probabilistic Symbolic Execution
    [ICSE14] Patch Verification via Multiversion Interprocedural Control Flow Graphs
    [ICSE13] Segmented Symbolic Analysis
    [TOSEM13] Marple: Detecting Faults in Path Segments Using Automatically Generated Analyses
    [FSE10] Path-Based Fault Correlations
    [FSE08] Marple, A Demand-Driven Path-Sensitive Buffer Overflow Detector (Best FSE presentation)
    [TSE05] Software Assurance by Bounded Exhaustive Testing


    2016-2019 Fall: COM S 342 Principles of Programming Languages

    2016-2019 Spring: COM S 413, COM S/CPRE 513 Foundations and Applications of Program Analysis

    2015 Fall: COM S 440/540 Principles and Practice of Compiling

  Professional Activities

    Co-chairing: ICSE 2020 Co-located Events, 2018 Midwest Big Data Summer School Software Analytics Track, ESEC/FSE 2017 Doctoral Symposium, ICST 2017 Workshop, ICST 2016 Testing Tool Demo

    PC/Journal Review: ICSE 2016/2019, FSE 2018/2019/2020, ASE 2016/2018, TSE 2015/2016/2017, TOSEM 2014/2015/2016/2019, ICST 2016, ISSTA 2015/2020, ICSE 2015 Demonstration, ICPC 2014 ERA, MOBS 2013

    Panelist: NSF 2013/2014/2016/2018/2019, DOE 2015/2016

    STEM Volunteering: Instructor @ Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry 2017-present, SIGSOFT CAPS coordinator: 2014-2015