Samik Basu, Professor
211 Atanasoff
Department of Computer Science
(515) 294-6045
(Preferred mode of communication)
PhD 2003, Computer Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook
MS 2001, Computer Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook
BE 1998, Computer Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Calcutta

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My main research is in the area of verification and model checking. I have been involved in projects on the application of formal methods in preference reasonging, intrusion detection and Web services.
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Madhavan Rajagopal Padmanabhan (MS/PhD, co-advisor: Pavan Aduri)
Xiaoyun Fu (PhD, co-advisor: Pavan Aduri)
Rishabh Bhatt (MS)
Michael Dixon (MS)
Bailey Righi (MS)

Past Students

Preeti Bhardwaj (MS 2018, Information Diffusion)
Sriram Balasubramanian (MS 2017, Test Prioritization)
Naresh Somisetty (MS 2017, Information Diffusion)
Shiva Nalla (MS 2017, Asynchronous Systems)
Sai-Sravanthi Nudurupati (MS 2017, Dynamic Resource Allocation)
Maheedhar Gunasekharan (MS 2017, Preferred Response Selection)
Priyanka Thyagarajan (MS 2016, Non-termination in Multi-threaded Programs)
Swapnanjan Chatterjee (MS 2014, Attack Graph Analysis)
Sneha Banker (MS 2014, Asynchronous System Verification)
Yuly Suvorov (MS 2011, Propagation Problem Analysis)
Paul Jennings (MS 2010, Probabilistic Model Checking)
Zachary Oster (MS 2009, Web service substitution)
Fred Philip Stanley (MS 2009)
Lucas Witt (MS 2008, Authenticated Authorization without Identification: A Formal Approach)
Curt Keller (MS 2005, Tool for Verification and Counterexample Analysis of sequential C programs)

Zachary Oster (PhD, 2013, Qualitative Preferences & Component-based Software Development)
Michelle Ruse (PhD, 2013, Modeling and Verification of Security Properties of Web-based Applications)
Tanmoy Sarkar (PhD, 2013, Security in Database Applications; co-advisor: Johnny Wong)
Saayan Mitra (PhD 2009, I/O Automata-based Formal Approach to Web Service Choreography)
Natalia Stakhanova (PhD 2007, Adaptive, Cost-Sensitive Intrusion Detection and Response System)
Ganesh Ram Santhanam (Postdoc, Qualitative Preferences)