Sapha: Static Approximate Phase Analysis.

These pages describe work carried out on design implementation, and applications of a technique that we call static approximate phase analysis. The PI is Hridesh Rajan and much of the work is carried out by Tyler Sondag.


March 2011: Invited talk on phase-based tuning at SMART '11.

December 2010: Paper on Frances-A tool accepted for CCSC 2011.

November 2010: Paper on phase-guided tuning accepted for CGO 2011.

August 2010: Paper on cache analysis accepted for RTSS 2010.

January 2010: Tutorial on Frances tool accepted for CCSC 2010.

October 2009: Paper on Frances tool accepted for SIGCSE 2010.

Tools developed for the SAPHA project

As part of the SAPHA project, we are developing several tools. The original purpose of these tools was to carry out our experiments. Along the way we have found other uses for these tools.

Frances: Control flow graph generator (web based)

This web tool generates a control flow graph from given source code. Each node in the graph is shown with its assembly code. Basic static analysis is done to color code the graph for simple control structures. A paper on this tool and its use was presented at SIGCSE 2010 and CCSC 2010 (central plains) . For more details, see the Frances project website.
[SIGCSE '10] [CCSC '10]

Example use of Frances tool

Frances-A: Architecture Level Program Simulator

This web tool builds upon the Frances tool to provide a simple and easy to use architecture level progrma simulator. A technical report regarding this tool and its use has been made available. This work will also appear at CCSC 2011 central plains. For more details, see the Frances project website.

Example use of Frances-A tool