Accepted Short Papers

Machine learning model for detection of pain intensity from facial expression

Jeffrey Soar, Ghazal Bargshady, Xujuan Susan Zhou and Frank Whittaker

Mobile Applications for Palliative Care in Cancer

Antônio Augusto Gonçalves, Sandro Luís Freire de Castro Silva, José Geraldo Pereira Barbosa, Carlos Henrique Fernandes Martins and Cezar Cheng

Study of Critical Vital Signs Using Deep Learning

Octavio Salcedo Parra

Generation of Pure Trajectories for Continuous Movements in the Rehabilitation of Lower Member Using Exoskeletons

Octavio Salcedo Parra

Integration of Complex IoT Data with Case-Specific Interactive Expert Knowledge Feedback, for Elderly Frailty Prevention

Vladimir Urošević, Paolo Paolini and Christos Tatsiopoulos

The Affective Respiration Device: Towards Embodied Bio-feedforward in Healthcare

Idowu Ayoola, Jelle Stienstra and Loe Feijs

Exploring Individuals’ Perceptions on the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System

Jun Xu, Xingzhu Gao, Golam Sorwar, Nicky Antonius and John Hammond

Understanding Individual Users’ Perspectives on the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) System: Results of Field Study

Jun Xu, Xiangzhu Gao, John Hammond, Nicky Antonius and Golam Sorwar

Context-based Lifelog Monitoring for Just-in-Time Wellness Intervention

Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal, Muahmmad Asif Razzaq, Muhammad Bilal Amin and Sungyoung Lee

Assessment of a Smart Kitchen to Help People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Roberto Menghi, Francesca Gullà and Michele Germani

Detection of untrustworthy IoT measurements using expert knowledge of their joint distribution

Ilia Nouretdinov, Salaheddin Darwish and Stephen D. Wolthusen

System for User Context Determination in a Network of IoT Devices

Kushal Singla and Joy Bose

Specifying an MQTT Tree for a Connected Smart Home

Adrien van den Bossche, Nicolas Gonzalez, Damien Brulin, Eric Campo, Thierry Val, Frédéric Vella and Nadine Vigouroux