Accepted Full Papers

Categorization of the context within the medical domain

Hicham Ajami, Hamid Mcheick, Lokman Saleh and Rania Taleb

Technological Approach for Early and Unobtrusive Detection of Possible Health Changes toward More Effective Treatment

Firas Kaddachi, Hamdi Aloulou, Bessam Abdulrazak, Philippe Fraisse and Mounir Mokhtari

Telemedicine Collaboration in Cancer Treatment: A case study at Brazilian National Cancer Institute

Antônio Augusto Gonçalves, Carlos Henrique Fernandes Martins, José Geraldo Pereira Brabosa, Sandro Luis Freire de Castro Silva and Cezar Cheng

Evaluating Iris Scanning Technology to Link Data Related to Homelessness and other Disadvantaged Populations with Mental Illness and Addiction

Cheryl Forchuk, Lorie Donelle, Miriam Capretz, Fatima Bukair and John Kok

Can Technology Improve Medication Adherence in Older People with Dementia?

Najwan El-Saifi, Wendy Moyle, Cindy Jones and Haitham Tuffaha

An Indoor Navigation System for the Visually Impaired

Boonsit Yimwadsana, Lalita Narupiyakul and Snit Sanghlao

Creating smarter spaces to unleash the potential of health Apps - Case study: Smart Asthma Monitoring (SAM)

Jean-Marie Bonnin, Valérie Gay and Frederic Weis

Users' perceptions and attitudes towards smart home technologies

Deepika Singh, Ismini Psychoula, Johannes Kropf, Sten Hanke and Andreas Holzinger

USHEr: User Separation in Home Environment

Sumeet Satish Ranka, Vishal Singh and Mainak Choudhury

Automatic Identification of Behavior Patterns in Mild Cognitive Impairments and Alzheimer's Disease Based on Activities of Daily Living

Belkacem Chikhaoui, Maxime Lussier, Mathieu Gagnon, Hélène Pigot, Sylvain Giroux and Nathalie Bier

Missing Information Prediction in Ripple Down Rule based Clinical Decision Support System

Musarrat Hussain, Anees Ul Hassan, Muhammad Sadiq, Byeong Ho Kang and Sungyoung Lee

Testing a Model of Adoption and Continued Use of Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) System among Australian Consumers: A Preliminary Study

Jun Xu, Xiangzhu Gao, Golam Sorwar, Nicky Antonius and John Hammond

Human Centered Design Conception applied to the Internet Of Things : contribution and interest

Quentin Chibaudel, Joaquim Bellmunt, Veronique Lespinet-Najib and Mounir Mokhtari

A Personalized Health Recommendation System based on Smartphone Calendar Events

Sharvil Katariya, Joy Bose, Mopuru Vinod Reddy, Amritansh Sharma and Shambhu Tappashetty

A hybrid framework for a comprehensive physical activity and diet recommendation system

Ali Syed Imran, Bilal Amin Muhammad, Seoungae Kim and Sungyoung Lee

Designing a Product Service Platform for older people: from needs to requirements

Roberto Menghi, Alessandra Papetti, Sara Carbonari and Michele Germani

Ativo: A Data Inspired Design Used to Manage Energy Expenditure for Heart Failure Patients

Idowu Ayoola and Bart Bierling

Activity recognition by the classification method for weight measurement with an insole device for monitoring frail people

Eric Campo, Damien Brulin, Yoann Charlon and Elodie Bouzbib

Annotation in E-health domain: Study, Classification and Observations

Khalil Chehab, Anis Kalboussi and Ahmed Hadj Kacem

Dynamic Distributed Architecture for Preserving Privacy of Medical IoT Monitoring Measurements

Salaheddin Darwish, Ilia Nouretdinov and Stephen D. Wolthusen