Advanced Topics in Program Analysis

What's New?

January 16, 2007: Seminar announcement. First meeting from 12:10 - 2:00pm on Wednesdays. The first meeting is in Atanasoff 105 on Jan 23. The facilitator for this seminar is Hridesh Rajan.

Course Objectives

Learn about and rigourously analyze recent advances in program analysis. Pre-requisite for this course is basic knowledge of program analysis techniques e.g. static and dynamic program analysis and the difference between the two, control-flow analysis, data-flow analysis, def-use analysis and the notion of program dependence graph, program slicing, etc. If you are not familiar with these ideas, you should study and understand them before coming to the first meeting. I will also be very happy to provide pointers to learn more about these ideas as we go along.



Hridesh Rajan


Office: 101 Atanasoff Hall

Meeting Times

W 12:10 PM - 2:00 PM in Atanasoff 217

Office Hours

By appointment in 101 Atanasoff Hall.

Course Components

This seminar can be taken for 1 or for 3 credit. For students taking this seminar for 1 credit (instead of just sitting in), which is preferred way to get the most out of the advanced topics covered, the grades will be based on:

For students taking this seminar for 3 credits grades will be based on:

The project component of this course involves undertaking a semester long exploration of a program analysis topic, either purely from the theoretical perspective (e.g. proposing a new program analysis technique to do X) or applying an existing program analysis technique to a new problem (e.g. using Y to solve some problem Z). Such exploration is expected to result in a publishable result by the end of this semester. The project portion of your grades will be based on the final paper.

For Students with Disabilities

Please address any special needs or special accomodations with me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accomodations based on disabilities should obtain a Student Academice Accomodation Request (SAAR) form from the Disability Resources (DR) office (515-294-6624). DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076.