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Com S 541: Programming Languages

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This is the homepage of Com S 541, a course on programming languages, as taught by Hridesh Rajan in Fall 2010 at Iowa State University. These pages make the course related materials available.

This year we will be using the manuscript/course notes entitled Software Foundations under development by Prof. Benjamin Pierce and colleagues. These notes provide an interactive experience that makes studying programming language theory a whole lot of fun!



Teaching Assistant

Hridesh Rajan   TBD

Class Schedule


Office Hours

TR 12:40pm-2:00pm (1120 Sweeney)  R 2:00pm-3:40pm (101 Atanasoff)


  • Software Foundations. Benjamin C. Pierce et al.
  • Types and Programming Languages. Benjamin C. Pierce. MIT Press, 2002.

Other Relevant Courses

  • Com S 641: semantic models of programming languages (graduate course)
  • Com S 342: Principles of Programming Languages (undergraduate course)
  • Com S 362: Object-oriented Analysis and Design (undergraduate course)