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Com S 541: Programming Languages

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This is the homepage of Com S 541, a course on programming languages, as taught by Hridesh Rajan in Fall 2009 at Iowa State University. These pages make the course related materials available.

What's New: This year we are using the manuscript/course notes entitled Software Foundations under development by Prof. Benjamin Pierce and colleagues. These notes provide an interactive experience that makes studying programming language theory a whole lot of fun!



Teaching Assistant

Hridesh Rajan   TBD

Class Schedule


Office Hours

TR 12:40pm-2:00pm (1160 Sweeney)  R 2:00pm-3:40pm (101 Atanasoff)


  • Software Foundations. Benjamin C. Pierce et al.
  • Types and Programming Languages. Benjamin C. Pierce. MIT Press, 2002.

Other Relevant Courses

  • Com S 610-HR: advanced topics in type systems
  • Com S 641: semantic models of programming languages (graduate course)
  • Com S 342: Principles of Programming Languages (undergraduate course)
  • Com S 362: Object-oriented Analysis and Design (undergraduate course)