Department of Computer Science,
Software Engineering Program,
Information Assurance Program, and
Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Program
Iowa State University
226 Atanasoff Hall, Ames, IA, 50011

phone: +1-515-294-6168
email: hridesh@iastate.edu
office: 105 Atanasoff Hall

Ph.D., The University of Virginia, 2005
M.S., The University of Virginia, 2004
B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), 2000

Laboratory for Software Design


My research interest spans the following areas.

  • Modularity, modular reasoning
  • Programming languages, Software Engineering, and Compilers
  • Data science, especially Software Engineering of Data Science software.
  • Concurrency, especially modular reasoning about concurrency correctness and performance. Scalable support for modular verification of concurrency properties in compilers.
  • Advanced separation of concerns mechanisms such as events, reactive signals, and aspects and modular reasoning about such mechanisms.

I direct the Laboratory for Software Design in the Department of Computer Science. Our main projects are Boa that is investigating shared infrastructures for data driven science, and Panini that is investigating programming abstractions for concurrency that also enable modular reasoning about concurrency properties. This year we have also organized the Inaugural Midwest Big Data Summer School.

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For more details including publications, and current students please visit my lab's web-pages.

Research Funding

My research has been supported in part by the following grants.


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Key Projects

Midwest Big Data Summer School   Boa Project   Panini Project