Computer Science Research Methods and Writing Workshop
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

Fall 2000 Offering

Coordinator: Dr. Vasant Honavar
Meeting Time: 5:00pm, Wednesday
Meeting Place: 217 Atanasoff Hall

How do you choose a research project? How do you write a thesis proposal or a research proposal? What are commonly used research methods in Computer Science? How should the research be written up and presented? How should Computer Science research be evaluated? How are research papers reviewed? This workshop is intended to explore these questions by giving participants experience with these tasks. The workshop will be targeted to graduate students in Computer Science and are about to begin their work on an M.S. or Ph.D. thesis.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Computer Science.

Plan: I will convene the workshop once per week. In the meetings we will discuss papers offered by participants, and read beforehand. Participants will practice critical reading and writing of research papers. Students will also write and review research proposals. The paper and proposal topics will be selected by the participants based on their research interests.

We will start out with a few meetings where we discuss background topics such as:

After this, the workshop will rely on active participation of the students. (i.e., I'm not going to do much work :-) Participants will be expected to offer drafts for reading by the group, and will always be expected to have carefully read each paper offered each week. This is a serious commitment of time, and it is not ok to simply show up when you are interested or have time. To enforce this, I will require everyone to be signed up for one credit, and will take attendance. However, you will get a lot out of both having your papers read and criticized and learning to critically read other papers.

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