ComS 672 Computational Models of Learning


Computational Models of Learning -- ComS 672 -- is a 3-credit, graduate course offered by Professor Vasant Honavar in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University in alternate spring semesters.

Catalog Description

3 Credits. Offered Alternate Spring. Prerequisites: ComS 572 or 472 or 474 or comparable background.

Design, Analysis, and Application of Programs that Learn from Experience. Statistical, Syntactic, Information-Theoretic, Neural, Cognitive, and Evolutionary models. Automated learning of classification rules, programs, functions, relations, grammars, value functions, models, skills, and behaviors. Computational learning theory (PAC, Maximum Likelihood, Minimum Description Length and related frameworks). Learning from instances, induction, deduction, reinforcement, and exploration. Incremental, multi-task, multi-strategy learning. Selected applications in Scientific Data Analysis, Data-Driven Knowledge Discovery and Theory Refinement, Bioinformatics, Analysis and Control of Complex Dynamical Systems, Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems.


Lectures: MW 9:00-10:30am, 217 Atanasoff Hall.
Office Hours: MW 2:00pm-3:00pm, 210 Atanasoff Hall.

Course Staff

Dr. Vasant Honavar
Associate Professor
Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science and
Neuroscience Program
210 Atanasoff Hall
Iowa State University
Voice: 515 294-1098, Fax: 515 294-0258

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