Intelligent Multi-Agent Computing Systems Seminar

Com S 610 Fall 1996.

Vasant Honavar, Johnny Wong, Les Miller

Meeting Time: Thursday, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Meeting Place: 217 Atanasoff Hall

Seminar Description

This seminar will explore current research in intelligent agents (knowbots, softbots, and robots), distributed multi-media databases (e.g., multi-databases) and artificial intelligence (e.g., data mining and knowledge extraction, intelligent agent architectures, multi-agent and distributed problem solving). In particular, it will emphasize experimental research on intelligent multi-agent computing systems that draws on several traditional areas of computer science research (artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge-based systems, robotics, information retrieval, databases, distributed computing, communications) in an effort to build flexible, adaptive, and mobile computing environments.

Interested students may register for 1-3 credits for ComS 610 (with any of the organizing faculty) depending on their anticipated level of involvement. Students are expected to present a paper or selected sections from a recent book relevant to the topic of the seminar. Students interested in research on intelligent multi-agent computing systems may also concurrently register for independent study or research credits as appropriate.

Schedule of Talks

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