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Woohoo! I defended my Ph.D degree on April, 2016. Yay!!!

Research interests

Research interests: type-and-effect system, programming languge, software engineering and concurrent programming (Panini).


Major Advisor

I am currently working with Dr. Hridesh Rajan on Ptolemy and Panini. Throughout my graduate study at Iowa State University, Dr Hridesh Rajan was my adviser and guided me with incredible patient. I have been admiring him for his high level ideas for formalizing problems. His ideas are so inspiring that I would work on them right away when these ideas are given to me and both of us are more than willing to work 24 by 7. I am also encouraged to improve my problem solving skill when we developed several compilers for our ideas together. I will never forget the enormous performance gain we obtain after I followed his suggestion on redesigning a small piece of computer program. Besides, his perseverance will never fail to motivate me to refine our ideas. Despite it is not uncommon that our ideas were rejected by top conferences a couple of times, we never give up. We put more deep thinking into our drafts and we have faith that our idea will be welcomed by the world one day. Last but not least, I can always learn a lot from his writing and presentation skill. Our papers are always in good shape after they have been polished over and over again.


I may have only known Dr. Yu David Liu for a very short period of time, but he has become like my second advisor. Interestingly, we got our undergraduate degree in the same university in Canton (my hometown!) China, South China University of Technology. Dr Liu's insightful ideas on type systems design have been a constant inspiration for me. Very quite often, I can learn something new from what I have already known and change the perspective how I view the problem we are approaching. He has great knowledge in many aspects of programming language, software engineering and system design. Our paper will not be accepted without his deep insight into the low level details of our systems. Also, I appreciate his writing. I have been enjoying my time reading the parts of our papers written by him several times. He makes me believe that writing is an art, more than just science.

My dissertation would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of my colleagues Dr Tyler Sondag and Sean Mooney. Dr Sondag is one of the smartest people I know. He has been helping with the writing of several papers. His suggestions on the presentation and insights into our paper are one of the key reasons our paper was so successful. Sean is a very hard working individual. He has been helping with the development of several compilers, which allows us to measure the performance of our ideas. Several of our papers would not have been possible without his timely action on the development of our ideas.

Over the past several years, Mehdi Bagherzadeh is the closest colleague I have been working with. He sat right next to me and we have co-authored some of the work my dissertation builds on. His enthusiasm for research is unparalleled. Thank to his encouragement to think deeper, we always find something interesting from the seemingly boring materials. His insights and suggestions directly impacted the success of several projects and also my thesis. I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to work with him.

I would like to thank my colleagues Dr. Steve Kautz, Dr. Robert Dyer, Ganesha Upadhyaya, Eric Lin, Youssef Hanna, David Johnston, Dr Hoan Nguyen and Cody Hanika in the Laboratory for Software design. They have read and have provided wonderful feedback and discussion on my ideas over the years, which have shaped our papers nicely. I appreciate their tremendous amount of moral support.

I would like to thank my colleagues Nathan Harmata, Ahmad Sharif, Dr Long Fei, Luis Lozano, Caroline Tice, Dr. Gary T. Leavens, Adam Zimmerman, John L. Singleton, Dr. Karthik Pattabiraman, Laurel Tweed, Dr. Tien N. Nguyen, Dr. John Tang Boyland, Dr. Daan Leijen Dr. Jaeheon Yi Dr. Ming Kawaguchi and Rex D. Fernando for providing me with insight feedback.

I would also like to thank my committee members Dr. Samik Basu, Dr. Andrew S. Miner, and Dr. Gurpur M. Prabhu. They have read and have provided valuable and insightful feedback on my proposal, which help significantly improve the quality of our papers.

Industry experiences

  • Currently (Sep 2015 - present), I am working with Google. More specifically, I am with the Google+ team. Interestingly, I am working on projects which have nothing to do with my Ph.D study at all.

  • Previously (Jan 2015 - Aug 2015), I was with Microsoft (of course NOT MSR), the Siena project, part of the Azure. I like the rain there in Seattle.

Internship experiences

Google: I was very blessed to have the opportunity to intern at Google twice. I met awesome people there and got to know a lot of innovative ideas.

  • My first project was to index Sawzall programs. My responsibility was to design and implement a code indexer frontend that processes a large number of Sawzall programs in parallel.

  • My second project was to implement a robust and parallel framework that does automatic GCC optimization flags tuning.

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