This page contains links to pictures of friends, sites, and travels.
Warning: most of the images are JPEG files of fairly large size.

On College Creek (1) (Williamsburg, VA)
On College Creek (2) (Williamsburg, VA)
Barba The Poodle
In color
In black and white
Dogzilla behind bars
Looking up
Pensive paw shake
With my brother Vittorio and family (Imperia, Italy)
With my father and his friends at Ristorante Bergallo (Borgio Verezzi, Italy)
American friends
Violet, Joan, and Barba (Williamsburg, VA)
Joanna, at Andreas and Evgenia's home (Williamsburg, VA)
Italian friends
In Italy with my wife Joan and my friends' daughter, Eleonora
ICATPN'99, Williamsburg, VA (June 1999)
PNPM 2001, Aachen, Germany (September 2001)
Newcastle, UK (June 2001)
An innovative tilting foot bridge
Paris, France (July 2001)
The Opera
Notre Dame
Monmartre (1)
Monmartre (2)
Joan at Monmartre (1)
Joan at Monmartre (2)
A gargoyle at Monmartre
The bell tower of Monmartre
Joan at the Tour Eiffel
Gianfranco at the Tour Eiffel
Gianfranco and Barba on the Seine
Chocolate fountain!!!
Aachen, Germany (September 2001)
Andy and Rob (1)
Andy and Rob (2)
Rob and the essential city map
The main church
Stained glass
Street view
Brussels, Belgium (September 2001)
Covered gallery
The main square (1)
The main square (2)
The main square (3)
Northern Neck of Virginia (September 2002)
Rob, Joan, and Laura-Leigh
Gianfranco, Joan, and Laura-Leigh (and Barba)
Joan and Barba, Laura-Leigh and Andrew
Joan and Barba
Portland, Oregon (November 2002)
Joan and Gianfranco at the Vista House on the Columbia River Gorge
The Vista House
Joan under a bridge
From room 1023 of the Benson Hotel, early morning
Outher Banks, North Carolina (August 2003)
Corolla lighthouse
Ivana climbing the big dune
Giorgio climbing the big dune
Joan climbing the big dune
Handgliders ready for the jump
In the sand, Part I: wandering
In the sand, Part II: where are we?
In the sand, Part III: let's split into three groups!
Andy and Shannon's wedding (Richmond, October 27, 2001)
Shannon (1)
Shannon (2)
Group photo (1)
Group photo (2)
Andy and his mother
Andy and Shannon
Joan, with Felipe and Lisa Perrone
Andreas, Evgenia, and kids
My former NeXT the best hw/sw combo ever produced
Deer, in my backyard (Williamsburg, VA)

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