I am currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University.


I am broadly interested in the application of automated formal methods in:
  1. Security/Privacy
  2. Cyber-physical Systems, and
  3. Distributed Computing
  4. .

Ongoing Projects

  1. Software Model Checking for Information-flow Security (NSF SaTC)
  2. Runtime Monitoring of Low-level Blockchain Functions (NSF FMitF)

Awards & Recognition

  1. IEEE SRDS 2017 Best Paper Award
  2. SSS 2014 Best Student Paper Award
  3. IEEE SIES 2010 Best Paper Award
  4. Best Paper Award runner up or finalist at EMSOFT'19, ATVA'19, EMSOFT'11, EMSOFT'09, ICDCS'07
  5. ISU LAS Spring 2019 Dean's Lecture
  6. Best Professor Award by the McMaster Software Engineering Club, 2017

From the Press

ISU Spring 2019 Dean's Lecture press release.

Teaching (Fall 2019)

  1. Graduate-level course Principles of Information-flow Security (COMS 641)
  2. Undergrad-level course Operating Systems (COMS 352)

Current Events

  1. SRDS'20, PC co-chair.
  2. EMSOFT'20, PC member.
  3. DATE'20, Topic E4 co-chair.
  4. CAV'20, PC member.
  5. ATVA'20, PC member.
  6. RV'20, PC member.
  7. SIROCCO'20, PC member.


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